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Why Keto Diets Are Trending Right Now, Plus Why It’s Risky

Why Keto Diets Are Trending Right Now, Plus Why It’s Risky

Everywhere you turn, you are hearing about the ketogenic diet, also known as the keto diet. But why is this diet so popular anyway? Continue reading to learn more about why keto diets are trending, as well as why this diet could be a risky move to make if you want to lose weight.

Why Keto Diets Are Trending

The keto diet is focused on consuming foods that are low in carbs but high in fat. This will dramatically reduce the amount of carbs that you consume so that your body will not have them to burn for energy. Instead, your body will move into a state that is referred to as ketosis, during which it will burn fat to be used for energy.

Those who wish to lose weight might find that a keto diet will help them achieve their goals because this diet basically trains your body to utilize fat for its energy needs. And, as you probably imagined, once your body starts burning fat for energy, you can reduce your body fat percentage and slim down.

Why Keto Diets Are Risky

Despite the big claims and the benefits touted by the ketogenic diet, there are some risks that you need to consider before embarking upon this path to weight loss. The biggest risk is ketoacidosis. This is basically when ketosis has gone too far and excess ketones have built up within your body, causing your blood to become too acidic.

A serious case of ketoacidosis could result in many symptoms, some of which are scarier than others. These side effects include headaches, muscle cramps, constipation, dizziness, and bad breath. But severe ketoacidosis could end up putting a person in a coma, and it could even result in death.

Because of these risks, it is important to talk to your doctor before going on a keto diet. You want to be certain that you make all the right moves while following this diet so that you can avoid ketoacidosis and its unwanted side effects.

With a better understanding of exactly why keto diets are trending, you can avoid making dietary mistakes that could make you feel worse rather than better. Remember to talk to your doctor before starting any diet, as you want to be certain that you are doing something that is going to be good for your entire body, not just the number on the scale.


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