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The Main Reasons Why Dieters Fail To Lose Weight

The Main Reasons Why Dieters Fail To Lose Weight

It seems a quest that so many people set out to figure out, which is the main reasons why dieters fail to lose weight. People set out to lose weight almost constantly and yet they find mixed or usually disappointing results. Though many put forth their best efforts, they can’t seem to lose the weight that plagues them. So what are the reasons behind this? Is this the fault of the individual or the diet itself? How can so many people have bad luck in losing weight when the diet industry is such a moneymaker?

Why Dieters Fail: They Deprive Themselves When It Comes to Food

One of the main reasons why dieters fail to lose weight is that they starve themselves. Deprivation in any form is not only unhealthy, but may also work against you. So when you set out to lose weight and begin by drastically cutting calories or skipping meals, you are actually working against yourself. Your brain sends signals to your body that you are going into starvation mode. So to protect you, the body holds onto every ounce of food that you eat and ultimately stores it as fat. So by trying to cut back in an extreme manner, you are actually hurting your ability to lose weight.

Why Dieters Fail: The Fact That You’re on a Diet in the First Place!

You probably think that you absolutely need to go on some sort of special eating plan in order to slim down successfully. But, according to Active, there are several reasons why diets don’t fulfill people’s expectations when they are trying to lose weight. Those reasons include the following:

  • Even if you do end up losing some weight while you are dieting, the results are going to be temporary if you go back to eating your usual way after your diet period is over. Therefore, a better approach would be to change your eating habits and lifestyle gradually. That way, you can implement true changes that are more likely to last. You will end up learning how to eat better for your health, you will learn how to incorporate new ingredients into your daily diet for flavor and satisfaction, and you will actually grow to love your new way of eating. Then, you will lose the weight, and you will be able to keep it off.
  • Another one of the reasons why dieters fail is because they follow eating plans that are so low in calories that they make you feel tired all the time. When you aren’t getting enough calories, your energy can plummet, your metabolism can drop, and you might end up losing muscle mass as well. You definitely don’t want any of those things to occur! So, instead of cutting back on calories drastically, focus on getting the calories your body needs from nutritious sources, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, etc. The fiber and nutrients will fill you up, as well as keep you full, and you will have plenty of energy.

Why Dieters Fail: Following Fad Diets and Lacking Mindful Habits

Another one of the main reasons why dieters fail to lose weight has much to do with the fads and the trends out there. If you fall prey to the “lose weight quickly with no effort” sort of thing, then you will likely be disappointed. By eating nothing but cabbage soup or grapefruit or any other food, you will only lose a bit of water weight initially. You can’t possibly keep with this for a period of time, so in the end when you eat normally again you end up gaining all of the weight back.

Yet another one of the main reasons why dieters fail to lose weight is faulty diets or unrealistic expectations. You do need to watch your portions and you should be mindful of eating good healthy foods. If a diet tells you to go to extremes or asks for unusual methods, just know that is intended for the short term.

You will set yourself up for failure every single time if you don’t make the right choices and be mindful of the way that you go about losing the weight. No fad or trend or unusual method will help you to take the weight off. Getting an edge from a diet pill can help, but then it boils down to eating the right foods in the right way and getting some exercise in.

Use Smart Strategies to Slim Down!

Rather than relying on fad diets, extreme eating plans, and other strategies that will only result in you getting temporary weight loss results—and feeling miserable along the way—focus on changing your daily lifestyle and eating habits. It is the best way to achieve success on your weight loss journey. And, if you are still having a lot of trouble, don’t hesitate to have a talk with your doctor about what steps you can take to increase the odds of successfully slimming down. Remember, there are diet pills, weight loss surgeries, and other methods and products that you can use to support your efforts.


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