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Weight Loss Surgery May Improve Health of Severely Obese Teens

Weight Loss Surgery May Improve Health of Severely Obese Teens

Millions of kids and adolescents in the U.S. alone are diagnosed as obese. And, while many obese adults undergo weight loss surgery in order to get their body into a better state of health, many people aren’t sure about whether or not that strategy would be appropriate for teens who are severely obese.

Well, according to News Medical it turns out that research shows that bariatric surgery can greatly benefit obese teens. Continue reading to learn more about this exciting news.

Improved Quality of Life for Teens After Weight Loss Surgery 

A study found that adolescents who underwent weight loss surgery had improved quality of life afterward. More specifically, physical function and musculoskeletal pain improved after the surgery, and those improvements were maintained for three years following the procedure as well.

Findings included a reduction in lower extremity pain and musculoskeletal pain within a year of undergoing the surgery. Along with that, physical comfort went up after the surgery too.

Some Drawbacks to Be Aware of 

Although there are a lot of benefits that teens can enjoy after undergoing bariatric surgery to lose weight, there are some things to consider. For example, there are some nutritional deficiencies that might occur after completing this type of weight loss surgery. Patients might be at a higher risk of long-term nutritional deficiencies of vitamin B12 and iron, in particular.

Researchers discovered that, even though patients lost a lot of weight after their weight loss surgery, levels of iron and vitamin B12 were also impacted. However, significant changes were not noted in levels of the following nutrients after weight loss surgery:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin D
  • Folate

By monitoring nutrient levels for deficiencies, by supplementing with vitamins and minerals, and by eating a healthy, balanced, nutrient-rich diet, deficiencies in these patients might be avoided. This is especially important when it comes to vitamin B12 and iron, as having deficiencies in these nutrients may result in medical problems like anemia and neurological dysfunction.

Overall, Weight Loss Surgery Is Something to Consider for Obese Teens 

The right type of weight loss surgery might be beneficial to teens who have been diagnosed as obese. However, being aware of the risk of nutritional deficiencies is also important, as this awareness can help reduce the odds of those deficiencies occurring after the surgery has been completed. Overall, the procedure is something that is worth considering if you know a teen who needs to lose weight.


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