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How is Weight Loss Dependent on Your Hormone Health?

How is Weight Loss Dependent on Your Hormone Health?

Did you know that weight loss is dependent on your hormone health? It’s true! They may not seem related at all, but once you understand the connection, it really does make a lot of sense.

Check out the information below to learn more about weight loss and hormones so you can take yet another step towards slimming down, and keeping your body at a healthy weight once you have reached your goal.

Cortisol Can Be a Weight Loss Hormone When Affected by Stress 

You’ve no doubt heard about the stress hormone known as cortisol, as it can get in the way of your ability to slim down. If there’s too much cortisol, your body ends up converting blood sugar into fat that ends up being stored, and this leads to weight gain. In addition to reducing stress, keep in mind that coffee can also raise the level of cortisol, so if you’re drinking a lot of coffee, it might be best to cut back.

Leptin Can Become Imbalanced by Too Much Sugar 

One reason why you might be struggling with weight loss is if the hormone known as leptin is out of balance. It tells you when you’re full while eating, but if you have too much fructose, which can be found in processed foods and in fruits, your liver will struggle to use it for fuel, so it will become fat. The more fat, the more leptin, and too much of it makes your body resistant to its signaling, so you aren’t getting the message that you’re full while eating, and you end up eating too much. 

Imbalanced Estrogen Can Be the Result of Too Much Meat 

If you have too much estrogen, cells that make insulin end up being strained. That then leads to insulin resistance, which basically means the amount of sugar in the blood increases and glucose is stored as fat. According to Prevention, one way to prevent this is by reducing your meat intake and increasing your intake of fiber. That’s because meat, which exposes your body to antibiotics, toxins, and steroids that act like estrogen in your body, is a primary reason why estrogen goes up. On the other hand, fiber ensures your digestion is regular, and you are able to process extra estrogen and get rid of it in waste.

Keep Your Weight Loss Hormones Balanced!

Now that you know how weight loss is dependent on your hormone health, you have a greater understanding of how you can make your slim-down journey easier on yourself. If you have questions or concerns about your hormonal balance and your weight, though, talk to your doctor for some personalized advice and tips.


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