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How Did Violent J Achieve Fast Weight Loss?

How Did Violent J Achieve Fast Weight Loss?

Violent J, who is known for his work as a part of the Insane Clown Posse and as a professional wrestler, has achieved fast weight loss, and everyone is wondering how he did it. After all, whenever a celebrity changes their look or loses a lot of weight, people want to know how and why they did it. So, it is no different when it comes to Violent J and his weight loss achievements.

How did he slim down? And, why did he do it? We cover it all below.

The Reason Behind the Weight Loss 

In an interview, Violent J shared that the reason why he decided to lose weight was because he snapped his knee, had surgery to repair it, and ended up snapping it again. What he realized was that, in order to really fix his knee, he had to start shedding the excess weight that he had been carrying.

The Method Behind the Weight Loss Violent J Used

After resolving to slim down, as he started losing the weight, Violent J changed the way that he looked at food. While most people who are on a diet tend to focus a lot on what they are going to eat, and they spend a lot of time thinking about their meal plan throughout the day, he didn’t do that. Instead, he just ate very small amounts of food. And, what about exercise? Well, he didn’t really exercise to lose weight either. Aside from performing, he admitted that exercise was not a priority.

Is It a Good Strategy? 

We don’t think that the method that Violent J used to slim down is a good idea. He claims that he still eats poor quality food, and again, he does not really pay much attention to what he should be eating. Beyond that, he also does not eat very much at all. He even stated that he eats just enough of the food that his body needs. So, he basically lost weight by restricting the amount of food that he was eating on a daily basis.

Much Better Ways to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Than What Violent J Did

Rather than eating a poor quality diet and severely restricting the amount of food that you eat like Violent J did, a healthier route to take would involve changing the quality of the foods that you consume daily, getting the appropriate amount of calories for your unique body, and using high-quality weight loss products for extra support.


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