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Seven Reasons to Stop Being Sedentary

Seven Reasons to Stop Being Sedentary

In general, there is no reason to believe that a sedentary lifestyle is a good one. There are too many things to go wrong both long and short-term. Some of us are sedentary and don’t even realize it. We don’t tend to think when we are working all day at a desk and then collapse at home from being tired.

Here are seven reasons stop being sedentary:

1. Weight Gain: It’s simple; when you are in a sedentary position you are simply not burning calories. You can’t raise your heart rate sitting down and you are saving every calorie you eat. This is a bad thing and a habit that needs to be broken.

2. Disease: Heart disease and stroke and also blood clots are something that happens in sedentary lifestyles. Even if the event does not occur for years, it is a process that happens over time and a sedentary lifestyle pushes the envelope early. Most of these dangerous issues are not marked by symptoms and will be silent if they show up. It is better to prevent it and stop being sedentary.

3. Atrophy: Your muscles are in need of exercise and they can go into atrophy which means that they are losing muscle fiber fast. This makes the body weak and flabby as well.

4. Snacking habit: When you sit around—either at work or at home watching TV or on the computer, you are going to develop a tendency to snack. When this happens your metabolism doesn’t burn it off and it turned directly into fat. This may not show up for a while and then it suddenly show up—because you’ll notice things like clothes not fitting well. You may also notice that you feel more tired and less motivated to do any physical exercise—even walking.

5. Moods: Sedentary behavior affects the mood because the chemicals are affected in the brain by lack of movement. This can cause depression and more eating. When you have any ups and downs as you do in normal life you will be more likely to feel more comfortable sitting and eating for the endorphin release—but exercise does the same thing.

6. Fatigue: Muscles get tight and you get tired when you are sitting all day. Headaches and stiff neck as well as stiff back and degenerative disk can occur when we are sedentary.

7. Lack of drive: A body that is in motion tends to stay in motion and so is true of the opposite.

These are all valid reasons to stop being sedentary. So make it a plan to exercise outside once a day and find a stimulating active hobby and you’ll see a vast difference.


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