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Lower Calorie Happy Hour Tips: Enjoy Your Night Out Without Regret

Lower Calorie Happy Hour Tips: Enjoy Your Night Out Without Regret

Just because you are on a diet or you are keeping track of how many calories you consume every day doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in happy hour with your friends. With the lower calorie happy hour tips below, you can enjoy your night out without having any regrets.

Drink More Water
This is one of the easiest lower calorie happy hour tips that you can implement because all you have to do is drink more water. So have some alcohol, but also fill your stomach with pure water. Alternate between your alcoholic beverage and your water, and be sure to sip slowly so that you are not continually going to the bar for more calorie-packed refills.

Request Low Calorie Options
When you get to the bar, ask the bartender if they have any of the many low-calorie alcohols available. These include Haamonii Shochu, VeeV Açaí Spirit, X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, 360 Vodka, and Fair Spirits, to name just a few. Plus, these brands are more eco-friendly than others, so that is another reason why you should request them.

Be Smart When Ordering Food
In order to enjoy a lower calorie happy hour, you also have to make sure that you don’t overdo it when it comes to the food that you will eat. Read over the menu carefully, and ask the waiter if you can get any information on the calorie counts and fat content of the meals or appetizers that are offered. You can also prevent yourself from eating too many calories by having a healthy snack during the afternoon, rather than waiting for happy hour and arriving too hungry to make wise choices.

Avoid Sugary, Syrupy Cocktails

Make it a point to look at the ingredients on the cocktail drinks menu, and avoid any drinks that clearly have a lot of sugar or syrup for flavor. Sticking with simple drinks, like a classic cosmopolitan that only has vodka, a bit of cranberry juice, and some lime juice, will ensure you are drinking low-calorie beverages. A cosmopolitan has only around 150 calories, but if you were to get a mixed drink with syrups, you would be getting a lot more calories and sugar.

If you follow the easy tips above, you can enjoy happy hour with your buddies without having to worry about falling off of your fitness track by indulging in too many calories that will cause you to gain weight.


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