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Low GI Carbs for Weight Loss and Energy

Low GI Carbs for Weight Loss and Energy

If you have never heard of or never really understood what low GI carbs are, then it’s time to educate yourself. We all need carbs for energy and for our body to function properly, but they must be the right type. When they say that not all carbs are created equally, this is what they are referring to. The reality is that certain carbohydrates can cause your blood sugar or glucose to spike dramatically right after you eat them. They are full of white sugar or refined flour, and therefore your blood sugar spikes and then you are hungry again just a little while later. Making the wrong choices can hurt your weight loss efforts, leave you hungrier, and actually hurt your health as well.

Not only is this bad for your diet and ability to lose weight, but it’s also bad for your system. Simple carbohydrates are the type that you probably grew up on and are therefore used to for carb consumption in general. White bread, white pasta, white rice, and those products made with refined sugar or flour are the usual culprits. These offer no nutritional value and will always cause your glucose level to rise drastically after consumption.

These Carbs Do All The Right Things and Never Hurt You Like Their Counterparts

If you instead focus on low GI carbs they keep a steady level of glucose in your system, and they are full of fiber and other nutrients that help you to feel full for longer. This is the way you should eat and why the carbohydrates that you choose are so very important! By making the adjustment to low GI carbs you can in fact eat carbohydrates but really ensure that they are the right types. This is good for weight loss and for better health as well. Making balanced choices like this will help you to eat right towards weight management and to be your very best too.

Switching to low GI carbs give you all of the energy, nutrients, and good things within them that you need to survive and thrive. You can eat carbs without skipping out on them, and they are the healthiest possible versions. Be sure that you read labels and know what makes for the best choices. Therefore here is the list of foods that have a GI level lower than 55, which matters tremendously.

  • Oatmeal
  • Stone Ground Wheat Bread
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Barley or Bulgar
  • Quinoa
  • Most Fruits

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