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5 Myths About Fat Burning You Should Know About

5 Myths About Fat Burning You Should Know About

As if there wasn’t enough to worry about out there, now you have to work hard to dispel the myths when it comes to losing weight. If you are in tune to it then you recognize that it’s much more important to focus on burning fat rather than losing weight, but that may come later. In addition to understanding where the true emphasis must be, you have to become a problem solver in part to understand what is fact and what is fiction. When it comes to fat burning, there are a lot of myths out there and if you’re not careful they may very well cause you to engage in activities that really aren’t worth your time at all.

A big part of the problem is that you may find that everyone seems to have a different opinion. What you really need to focus on is what health experts tell you, for that is what matters here in the long run. You need to focus on activities and habits that will help you to burn fat away but also replace that with muscle. You need to think of what will help you to get results, but which will do so in a healthy way. That may be a tall order, but in the end it’s all about getting yourself results and doing so in a way that is safe but effective. This may be easier said than done, but if you put your mind to it then you may get to that true body transformation and hold onto the results for years to come.

Before you get started you want to know which are the biggest myths so that you’re not tempted to follow along with them. Though there is a lot of misinformation out there about fat burning in general, these myths can give you a good basis to work off and then you can make smarter choices moving forward which will help you to get results.

You really should only work out in the morning to get optimal fat burning: This is just plain ridiculous when you break it down! While working out in the morning is ideal for some people, it’s not a necessity if you are trying to get results. You can still burn fat if you do it in the afternoon or even in the evening. There is no true right or wrong as to what time of day you can burn the most fat or help to transform your body. If morning is your preference then that’s great, but know that it truly doesn’t matter in terms of the effectiveness so go with what works best in your schedule and your life.

You will burn the most fat through cardio alone: This is one of those myths about fat burning that needs to be killed right now! You actually can burn more fat and calories, shed fat, and work to create a more effective metabolism if you focus on strength training as part of your regimen. Suffice it to say that you need both and that’s important to note here. If you create a regimen that features strength training with some cardio then you’re doing it all right. You really shouldn’t have one without the other, so if you hear that cardio alone is where it’s at then ignore it and do what you know is right.

Drinking ice cold water will help to unleash the fat burning: Water is always good for you, and that goes without saying. Ice cold water may be a preference, but it’s not a necessity when it comes to burning away fat. There are a growing number of myths out there where you are told that ice water can help to burn calories and help with weight loss, but there really isn’t truth to it. Water is key to your success, but ice cold water is not the key to effective weight loss or body change so recognize this myth and don’t put too much credence into it at all.

Negative calorie foods will help you with true fat burning: You know you’ve heard the many stories such as you burn actual calories by eating celery because it has no calories to it at all. There is no merit to this and if you are trying to fill your diet with these “zero calorie foods” then you aren’t going to get anywhere. They aren’t going to help you in your efforts, and so the focus should really be more on proper nutrition and a well balanced diet so make that your true focus.

Supplements are the only way to go to get to true and lasting fat burning: It’s safe to say that there are some great safe supplements out there, and you may want to use them as a complement to healthy living. If you are using only supplements to help you with fat burning though, then you aren’t going to get very far. Using the right supplements that you find through extensive research can work well to complement eating well and working out is great. Know the myths and avoid them at all costs, and just focus on clean and healthy living to help you to burn away fat and get results.


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