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The Right Way to Take Extreme Weight Loss Pills

The Right Way to Take Extreme Weight Loss Pills

When you begin on a weight loss program you always have to be aware of your overall health and keeping that health going during and after the program. When you are taking extreme weight loss pills, however, you are taking a risk and need to follow some guidelines on how to do it right as well as have the effect you are looking for without undermining your efforts.

What are the dangers behind extreme weight loss?

Extreme weight loss can come with a bit of a price to pay. You have to take stock in what your goal is and how much time you need to accomplish it. Just going on a crash diet for the sake of it is not the idea here. Most people go on crash diets to quickly lose weight for an important event or because they are clinically obese and feel that the only way are extreme weight loss pills. There is a way to do this that will be a healthier for you in the long run.

See your doctor

The first thing you must do is take a physical. Because you are putting an extreme pressure on your body and its systems–you need to first be sure that you are a candidate for extreme weight loss pills. If you are not, there are alternatives so you can be successful with your weight loss goal. For example you may not be a candidate for Phentermine, which is prescription but you can be a candidate for Phentramin-D which is non-prescription and have the same result without issues.

Eating and exercising

As with any diet you need to eat regularly such as several times a day. You have to keep blood sugar levels up this way because you are dropping more than the recommended 1-2 lbs. a week. It is essential so that you don’t have severe sugar crashes which could make you pass out!

Exercise is also important along with the blood glucose style of eating because it will boost metabolism and you will drop the weight in the recommended time to stay on the pill.

What is the recommended time to stay on the pill?

Normally 12 weeks is the suggested time which is three months. This is for the average weight loss of around 25 lbs. at around 1-2 lbs. per week. Most people taking extreme weight loss pills should cut that in half so you don’t do damage to the body.


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