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Diet Pills and Sleep: How to Prevent Sleep Interference

Diet Pills and Sleep: How to Prevent Sleep Interference

People already struggle with good sleep at night. Many people either have problems falling asleep or staying asleep. Sometimes it is due to stress, other times it is due to the foods and things you may be taking during the day, such as diet pills. Sometimes it can be a challenge to take diet pills and sleep without experiencing some sleep interference. It is important to realize that what works for some people may not work for others. So when taking diet pills keep in mind your schedule.

Diet pills usually contain stimulant ingredients such as but not limited to caffeine. This is what gives it its ability to give you energy and many times suppress the appetite. Most experts agree you should not have caffeine after 12 pm, noon. However, if your schedule does not fall into standard guidelines this may not apply to you. You can follow the rule of thumb that no stimulants should be taken within 6 hours of bedtime. Most experts also agree that you should not have more than 2 cups of coffee per day if you are a sleep sufferer. However, if you are taking diet pills with stimulants you are probably not going to want to take diet pills and drink coffee. Although, again, everyone reacts to things differently, so you may want to adjust things accordingly.

Diet pills and sleep interference go hand in hand. However, you can use a healthy diet and exercise to help promote better sleep. Some people find it most effective to exercise first thing in the morning. This is great because this is the time where you will probably be able to workout at your best. Sometimes that doesn’t fit into everyone’s schedule. Exercising at night is okay too but if you are taking diet pills it is important not to exercise too close to bedtime or it will interfere with your sleep. You should not exercise within 4 hours of going to bed. That also applies to eating as well.

When it comes to diet pills and sleep, some people find they are hypersensitive to stimulants. These people may experience insomnia no matter what time of the day they take their diet pill. Hypersensitive to stimulant people also can identify that they are getting the shakes, anxiety, and mood swings in addition to the insomnia. These people should stop taking the diet pills immediately and talk to a doctor. There are some diet pill options out there that do not contain stimulants, and a doctor can point you in the right direction.

Sometimes when beginning a new diet regimen that involves diet pills, people report feeling not quite like themselves, but this is normal. It is not normal however to experience sleep interference when taking diet supplements. So if you are just starting out on some new diet pills and find your sleep suffering, you may need to just change your schedule just slightly and try the things suggested. Each person will react differently to both diet pills and exercising and their regimen should be tailored to how well they are resting. After all your dieting attempts may fail if you are not getting your rest.


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